December 2022 - Design Your Own Lunchbox Cakes Slot Reservation
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December 2022 - Design Your Own Lunchbox Cakes Slot Reservation

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This is a reservation for a Design Your Own (Custom) 4 inch Lunchbox Aegyo Cake. You can reserve as many slots as you can. 1 Slot = 1 Lunchbox Cake. Please choose a date (Date of Pick Up). If the dates do not appear, please feel free to reach out to our team for assistance!

Cake Details

  • Available in flavors : Dark Choco Bonbon or Rainbow Velvet
  • You can choose base color of lunchbox cake from our design guide
  • Slots are for round cakes only.
  • Only cake top of the lunchbox cake can be designed on or customized.

    NOTE: This is only a slot reservation and NOT the full payment for your custom lunchbox Aegyo cake. You will receive an email for the designing guide google form and final quotation of your cake after settling your reservation fee. Final quotation is based on the final cake design and only if you incurred additional fees based on your design. 

    How to Order

    Pre-Orders Only

    • 4" Design Your Own Lunchbox Aegyo Cakes are for pre-orders only.  You have to secure a slot before the day of your pick up. 
    • 4" Design Your Own Lunchbox Aegyo Cake slot reservations are opened on a monthly basis. We open slots before the month starts. We announce opening dates on our social media sites. 

    How to Order

    1. Order through our website:
    2. Choose a date of pick up/ delivery
      • Add to cart as many slots as you want as long as it’s available
      • Make sure to read Aegyo Policies before you check out and Continue to Payment
    3. Pay for your slot
      • After checkout, Pay via Gcash or Credit/Debit Card
      • Make sure you enter the CORRECT email address
      • You will receive an email confirmation for your order
    4. Read your order confirmation email
      • In the same email, you can access the Lunchbox Aegyo Cake Order Form and a detailed Order Instructions in the link provided.
    5. Fill out and the submit the order form.
      • An Aegyo Team member will contact you via IG, Facebook if there are any clarifications on your design. Please make sure your contact details such as IG/FB handles, cell phone number, and email address are correct. 
      • Once all details are finalized, you will receive an email with the billing statement of your additional fees/ final quotation of your cake design and shipping fees (if incurred).
      • Pay as you did in Step 2


    When can I design my cake?

    • You can design your cake as soon as you pay for your reservation fee.
    • In the same email, you can access the Lunchbox Aegyo Cake Order Form and a detailed Order Instructions in the link provided.
    • Make sure to read the instruction before sending the form.
    • Remember, failure to design your cake will result to a plain white cake with a random flavor.

    Can we cancel/ refund/ change date of pick up?

    • Please be reminded that we have a NO CANCELLATION, NO REFUND POLICY. Once payment is made, we can no longer refund your reservation fee.  
    • CHANGING OF PICK UP DATES is not allowed.

    What time can I pick up my cake?

    • Pick-up time of cakes are ONLY from 2:00pm-5:00pm on the day of the reservation. Pick-up of cake before 2:00pm is NOT ALLOWED. If you have time constraints, we recommend that you book and pick up the cake on an earlier date .

    I want my cake to be delivered by your third party logistics. What time will my cake be delivered?

    • If you chose pre-arranged delivery with Alpha Logistics, pick up time of your cake from the kitchen will ~automatically be 1:00 PM~ on the day of your reservation. It will arrive at anytime from 2:00PM onwards depending on their route / traffic for the day. There will be no ETA for cake deliveries.   If you have time constraints, we recommend that you book and pick up the cake on an earlier date.

    Can I pick up my cake on a later date? What if I forget to pick up my cake?

    • Failure to pick up or receive the cake on the scheduled date will incur a storage fee of P100 per day, for a maximum of seven (7) days.

    Can I pick up my cake on an earlier date?

    • You cannot pick up your cake on an earlier date. 

    Read the full Terms and Conditions:   How to Order , Reservation,Refund, Payment, and Design Policy & Shipping and Storage Policy before making a purchase.

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