Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle
Aegyo Cakes

Annyeong! Merchandise Bundle

Regular price ₱600.00 Sale price ₱700.00 Unit price per


PICK UP / DELIVERY DATE: 5-7 days after purchase

 Bundle Inclusive of

  • Annyeong! Aegyo Tee (One Size Only : Chest - 39in, Length - 26.5in, Sleeve Length - 7.5in)
  • Annyeong! Aegyo Tote Bag (Size: 15.5x 15x 1.75in)
  • Volume 1 ~ Aegyo Sticker Pack  (Waterproof)
  • Aegyo Cakes Birthday Postcard
  • PR Box
  • Total Weight of Bundle - 507g

Instructions after payment

  • You will receive an order confirmation email after successfully paying for your slot.
  • Read instructions on email for pick up / booking / delivery. Submit the google form to indicate if you want your order picked up or delivered.

How to Order

How to Order

  1. Order  through our website.
  2. Pay for your slot
    • After checkout, Pay via Gcash or Credit/Debit Card
    • Make sure you enter the CORRECT email address
    • You will receive an email - Order Confirmation immediately after your payment. 
  3. Read email Order Confirmation
    • Pick up/ Booking Details / Delivery Instructions are in your order confirmation email so make sure to read through it.
    • Submit google form for delivery options within 24 hrs from receipt of email order confirmation.
  4. Pay for delivery fees if incurred.
    • If you choose to have your order delivered, we will send you an (email) invoice of your delivery fee.
    • Please give us 3-5 working days to review orders before we send delivery invoices.
    • Pay via Gcash or Credit/Debit Card. Press Pay Now in your email Invoice.

    Important Policies

    No Cancellation, No Refund Policy

    • Please be reminded that we have a NO CANCELLATION, NO REFUND POLICY. Once payment is made, we can no longer refund your reservation fee. 

    Pick Up/ Delivery Terms for Aegyo Merchandise

    • Your order will be ready for pick up or delivery on the 2ND - 3RD week of June 2021.
    • When your order is ready, we will EMAIL you the pick up date or your tracking number.
    • You may choose to pick up your package or have it delivered by our third party courier.
    • Pick up / Booking details and Delivery Instructions + Delivery Rates will be emailed to you after payment - (see your order confirmation email). 
    • Delivery Rates for merchandise only will be based on total weight of orders and delivery location. If the your total order exceeds the standard delivery rate, we will email you adjusted delivery rate. See delivery rates here.
    • If you have existing CAKE or COOKIE orders, we can note that it will be picked up or delivered the same day as your existing orders as long as the merchandise is ready for dispatch. Just message us on IG so we can take note of this.
    • PLEASE NOTE that we have different delivery services for our merchandise and for cake orders.
      • Merchandise orders are delivered by DPX via motor.
      • Cake orders are delivered by Alpha Logistics via car.
      • In the event that you want your merchandise to be delivered with a cake order, we will be using the rates of Alpha Logistics. We cannot ship cakes via motorbikes.

    Read the full Terms and Conditions: Reservation,Refund, Payment, and Design Policy & Shipping and Storage Policy before making a purchase.