Lunchbox Aegyo Cake Order Form


OMO~! Thank you for your purchase! 고마워~!

Annyeong, your order is already noted.

Note for Custom Cake Orders: This payment is only a slot reservation and NOT the full payment for your custom aegyo cake. You will receive a separate email for the final quotation of your cake based on your design after settling your reservation fee.

Paying for this reservation fee means that you have read and you agree with our Terms and Conditions. For more info, please see FAQs and Terms and Condition in our website.

Please check out the following steps in designing your LUNCHBOX CAKE :

1. Design your cake.
This is your design schedule. Please fill out this Google form to design your own lunchbox Aegyo Cake. Read through all the instructions carefully. The form is your style guide. You have 48 hours from the receipt of this email to submit your design. ^_^ Non- submission of the form means you agree to receive a plain white cake.

IMPORTANT: Please accomplish one form for each cake.

For example: If you have 2 cakes, you need to accomplish the form two (2) times. This is because each cake has a different design.

Here’s the link to the Google Form:

2. Once you submit your form, an Aegyo Team member will go over your design.
An Aegyo Team member will contact you via IG, Facebook if there are any clarifications on your design. Please make sure your contact details such as IG/FB handles, cell phone number, and email address are correct.

3. If additional charges during the design process are incurred, you will receive an email with your updated/final billing.

No further emails will be sent if no additional charges are incurred with your final design.

4. Upon receipt of updated invoice, please settle your balance immediately via the PAY NOW button in the email we will send.
Please allow us some time to go over the submitted forms and designs, as we carefully review them. You will receive the updated invoice within 2-3 days upon submission of your order form. No need to worry if you haven’t received any updated invoice immediately, as your slot is already secured.

5. You are done! You do the relaxing, we do the baking.

Thank you so much again! We are so excited to make a cake for you! We will surely make it, and bake it with love!

All the love,

Aegyo Cakes