May Artist - Ara and Ruby Nuestro

Say Annyeong to our first featured👩‍👧Mother-Daughter artist tandem, Ruby and Ara Nuestro of @daphne_thread ! Their embroidery art is truly a sight to see so #SendLoveToLocalArtists and check out their page!

The duo, Ruby and Ara, bonds over honing their embroidery techniques. It’s so refreshing to see that there are many forms of art that we can immerse ourselves into. For them, embroidery is something that they both find calming and joyous at the same time. They both love what they do and you can see how their love translates from their hands to their masterful embroidered canvases.

It is rustic, cool and vintage; truly a form of art that we’d like to see more of in the coming future! ⭐️✨

Thank you @daphne_thread for sharing with us your passion project. They are absolutely adorable.

Have them customize your clothes or anything! Get creative! Commissions: @daphne_thread