May Artist - Pam Ricarte

@studio_pamricarte x @aegyocakes
Say Annyeong to our newest featured artist @studio_pamricarte @pamforthewin ! 🤩One of the most unique art styles we’ve come across with. #SendLoveToLocalArtists and check out her page!

Pam Ricarte’s art is full of love and warmth🥰. That’s the reason behind why we chose her for the Month of May, the month of our Moms. 💫🌺She makes masterpieces dedicated for her advocacies such as “COVID REEF” meant to bring light to how face masks destroy our reefs.

Truly a rising artist to watch out for!🌟💫⭐️

Thank you @studio_pamricarte @pamforthewin for sharing your talents with us. Your art deserves all the exposure.

To shop her art/commissions: @studio_pamricarte