September Artist - Mic Yu

Aegyo Cakes x @micmicmakes
Say Annyeong to our first Aegyo Postcard artist! @micmicmakes ✨💕

This painting of an Aegyo Cake floating on a pool is definitely a mood! 🏝Like this travel-inspired postcard, @micmicmakes makes the best art on the perfect travel buddies: tumblers! She’s also expanding her product line and will launch it soon! 👏🏻

If you are looking to have your own tumbler, or ~any~ surface commissioned with her art, head on down to her ig page and give her a bump! 😉 Or maybe you just want to scroll through an array of pictures of the cutest tumblers on earth!! 🤩😭

#SendLoveToLocalArtists #SendLoveWithAegyoCakes