~ Aegyo Christmas Lunchbag ~

🤪SURPRISE~ Another throwback to when we had interactive lunchies! We’re bringing you ~intense~ nostalgic vibes with our new Christmas Edition Aegyo Lunchbag!

We love love love 💕 adding cute little details like this to create a full-on Aegyo Cakes Experience! When you receive your Lunchbox Aegyo Cake this holiday season, you can play a little to lighten up the mood!

Take a picture of the back of your Aegyo Lunchbag and solve ✏️ the ~Maze~ on your IG stories! Don’t forget to tag us! It warms our hearts knowing that you enjoy the little games we made for you guys!

Backstory: Notice that the Aegyo Christmas box 📦 and the Aegyo Christmas Lunchbag both have an ice skating rink ⛸ and a ~sexy~ skater. It’s because our main baker is actually a figure skater/coach! Hehe just a little something about our team.

Ahhhhh~ we love Christmas,
Aegyo Cakes


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