Seventeen’s Anniversary Lunchbox Aegyo Cakes!

💖💎Seventeen’s Anniversary Lunchbox Aegyo Cakes!

📢Calling all Carats 💎💎💎across the nation!


As promised.. 🙇‍♀️No fanbase left behind! Tonight, were treating you with an aegyo cake celebrating SVT’s whole new aesthetic for their comeback! #FacetheSun 🌅💍
Reserve yours here at only PHP550 each!

‼️Pre-Order Cut-Off: May 24 @ 12mn or until slots are available!‼️

Limited Edition SVT Lunchbox Aegyo Cakes
➿Design: SEVENTEEN New Concept Logo
➿Flavor: 10 Layer Dark Malagos Choco Bonbon
➿Pick Up Date: May 26 • 10am, 1pm, 4pm

We hope you like it! 😅We worked hard in keeping the logo as close as possible!
Always glad to be of service to all the CARATS 💎💎💎🙇‍♀️!

Excited to bake for you!

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