~Halloween Costume Party~

BOO!~ That’s a wrap on one our most ~extra~ pop-up sales yet! 

Watch the video for a cute same day edit🎥

💌💌There’s been a lot of firsts for this pop-up sale and we know this event is going down on Aegyo Cakes’ history.
•First Pop-Up Sale 25 design options
•First time we opened our Pink Gates for customers
•Frist time we took pictures with our lovely clients 😎🥳

👏🏻👏🏻Special mention to our baking team and our main baker👩‍🍳 for whipping up over 100 extremely detailed Lunchbox Aegyo Cakes for our beloved clients!



👻🎃💀Happy Halloween Everyone! We hope we made it a little more special for you guys! Saranghae 💞💕

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