~ Rainbow Dream Initiative ~

We are proud to announce that for every Rainbow Velvet cake sold, Aegyo Cakes will be donating a portion of its profit to @loveyourself.ph beginning on Pride Day (June 30) onwards.

We’ve always done our best to send love to every household, to every family, to every community. More than that, we also want to be better allies to the LGBTQIA+ community.

The 🌈Rainbow Dream Initiative🌈 is our pledge to support the community, with commitment and consistency. With this, we hope to make our genuine love and support to the LGBTQIA+ community truly felt.

@loveyourself.ph is a volunteer-led, community-based, non-profit organization that provides safe spaces and services for sexual, mental, and transgender health in the Philippines. They aim to reach out to others to propagate ideas, attitudes, and practices that encourage loving oneself - to DARE to be oneself, CARE for oneself, and to SHARE oneself as a way to multiply joy


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