~ Tie-Dye Dreams Aegyo Cake ~

🎨 Straight out of a Museum. It's true when they say that art and inspiration can come from anywhere...

With us, in Aegyo Cakes, everything begins and ends with love.💗

Each Aegyo Cake is a love letter 💌. We take time to talk to our clients to discuss every detail in their design. In the hundreds of different designs we've done, one thing is common: every cake is carefully crafted with love.

It truly is an honor to be of service to our very creative clientele. They keeps us on our toes with their ever challenging and bold designs. Thank you, @cosmicbloom108 for this wonderful brief, it has been a joy creating with you for 2 birthdays now.


Artist: Aegyo Cakes’ Main Baker
Medium: Rich Cream Cheese Frosting on Rainbow Velvet Aegyo Cake

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