~ White Christmas Vintage Aegyo Cake ~

Santa’s Elves, a.k.a. The Aegyo Cakes Team, are working overtime this Christmas Season to bring you the Aegyo-Filled White Christmas that we promised, reminiscent of our White Christmas themed Aegyo Box! 

This is our team’s gift to you guys who have been very supportive in our journey. We really want to give back especially to those who really want to try our cakes this year!

We promised an Aegyo-filled Christmas AND SURPRISE! We love you and we’re giving a House of 6 Classic Malagos Aegyo Cookies free for every purchase of the Aegyo Christmas Cake!

Details on our White Christmas Aegyo cake:
•16Layer Dark Chocolate Bonbon
•Minimalist One Tone Vintage Style Piping
•Swiss Meringue Christmas Trees
•Gold Glitter Rim at the Undone Edges of the Cake
•Powdered Snow Sugar
•Gold Sparkles

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