6" Custom Aegyo Cake Design Interview Schedule for Year 2021


Thank you for your purchase! 고마워~!

It’s always an honor and pleasure for our team to be a part of your special celebration, and we are super thankful for your trust! We are so, so excited to make a cake for you!

Note for Custom Cake Orders: This payment is only a slot reservation and NOT the full payment for your custom aegyo cake. You will receive a separate email final quotation of your cake after your finalizing your cake design.

Paying for this reservation fee means that you have read and you agree with our Terms and Conditions. For more info, please see FAQs and Terms and Condition in our website.



We know that you guys are super excited to design your cake too! We at Aegyo Cakes do our best to be organized and smooth in all our processes, so with this, we have prepared a design schedule for you!

Please see the schedule below for 6-inch Custom Aegyo Cakes:

Your reservation is for February 12, 2020, please expect an Aegyo Team Member to contact you between January 5-15.

Your reservation is for May 13, 2020. Please expect an Aegyo Team Member to contact you between March 16 - 27.

Please also be reminded of the following ~important~ notes:

1. An Aegyo Team member will reach out to you within the time frame specified for your date of submission. Please make sure that you will easily be reached via the contact details you have provided upon checkout (IG or FB handle, cellphone, email address).

2. Please make sure that you have already thought of your preferred design during that time. You will be given a design style guide within a Google Form, which you will need to fill out within 24 hours.

3. If you have any questions while filling out the form, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!~ We will help you with the design process!

4. Once design is submitted, an Aegyo Team Member will go over your form and discuss the design with you. In case additional charges are incurred during the design process, we will send an updated invoice to you.

5. Please be reminded that once design is finalized, confirmed, and booked into our system, changes of any sort will no longer be allowed! For policies about this, please review our Reservation,Refund, Payment, and Design Policy : Terms and Condition in our website.

That’s it!~ The most important thing is for you to have fun while designing your super special 6" Aegyo Cake!

Thank you so much again for choosing Aegyo Cakes!

Looking forward to designing your cake with you!

All the love,
Aegyo Cakes