~Happy 100 Days Aegyo Cakes~

This year has not been nice to all of us. We started Aegyo Cakes a hundred days ago with the intent to spread love, positivity, and beautiful things, from our kitchen to everywhere around the metro. It‘s been an absolute joy to serve you and make you guys happy on your special days.

In celebration of our 100 days of sending love to your homes, we want to share your happiest moments with everyone. We hope you enjoy this video and remember that there are brighter days ahead! ✨✨✨There will be! ❤️❤️And we can make them happen together. 🤝

To everyone who participated in our giveaway and shared their most beautiful moments, THANK YOU! komapsumnida☺️!!

We’re all in this together and we will get through this... when we choose to SEND LOVE.

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