#SendLoveToLocalArtists ~
OMO!~ HERE IT IS! Months in the making for you guys!!

Our brand is about two things: love and art.
Throughout history, art has always shown how much love can go around in our world. And Aegyo Cake wants to contribute in recognizing the very people that make Art happen here in the Philippines, our local artists. 😌
This coming September, all cakes will come with another way to share love: the Aegyo Postcard. 💌💌

A lot of you have been wanting to put notes on the cake boxes and we thought about how we can make cake-giving more special for you guys. 💕✨

Every month, we will collaborate with local artists who use different mediums to produce an Aegyo Postcard. We want to feature as many artists as we can using our platforms.

Our hopes for this movement is to help bring more light to our local art scene. To recognize local talent in our platform and spread their art to the hundreds of clients that want to share the love around. These postcards are completely free for every order of an Aegyo Cake and Lunchbox Aegyo Cake!

Just an extra gift from our team to our loving clients and the very talented artists we’ve collaborated with and are planning to.

If you know an artist or is one and are interested in a collaboration, send us a 💌 aegyocakes@gmail.com.

#SendLoveWithAegyoCakes ✨💕😭

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