~ Mother’s Day Aegyo Cakes ~

Our tribute to our mothers.

Elegant, delicate and beautiful; words that best describe our Eommas. In the crafting of this project, that’s what we set our hearts on. We wanted to capture the elegance and delicateness of our moms and we hope we delivered✨🥰💝.

Mother’s Day Special comes in two colors; Old Rose🎀 and Periwinkle💎 (as featured in the photos). Package includes our first tall Aegyo Cake and @figvineph ‘s Hand-Preserved Mini Luxe Bouquets.

One of our biggest productions to date since we opened our Aegyo kitchen last June 8, 2020. ➡️➡️SWIPE TO SEE OUR PROUDEST SPREAD EVER

Our team might be a little weary 😅 but our hearts are so full 😍🥰seeing all our clients who chose to #SendLoveWithAegyoCakes in this year’s Eomma Day. Jeongmal Kamsahamnida! 🥺🙏🏻Thank you for letting us bake love and make your Moms and families smile.

You guys are truly worth our every day (and night🙊) of service.🤗🤗

All the Love,
Your Aegyo Cakes Family

Beautiful Cake Design by @prunus_cake

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